Erica Becks, MSW, CLC

I help women identify and remove internal and external roadblocks to success, allowing them to lead with more


I know firsthand how much the right coach can influence your personal and professional success. I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without one.

After working for Fortune 100 companies like Facebook and Google, and founding three businesses, I’ve developed a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in business. Complementing my business acumen, I also bring a deep understanding of human behavior and motivational change, derived from my advanced professional training in clinical social work. Integrating these two unique backgrounds, I help my clients master the technical skillset of entrepreneurship, as well as the internal mindset necessary for success.

In addition to being a certified coach and an entrepreneur, I’m also a seasoned public speaker, and have been featured in international media outlets including on the Today Show,, The Huffington Post, NBC, and more.

It was all of these experiences which led me to my purpose:

To help WOMEN own their success in business and beyond.

I’ve learned to overcome many of the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors
which used to block my success. And I know you can too.

My Qualifications

I am an entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience, as well as a Certified Coach. I hold a Masters Degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from Brown University. I’ve completed over 3,000+ hours of professional training in counseling, coaching, mediation and conflict resolution.

My Personal Pursuits

I’m a single mom to a beautiful baby girl (the hardest job of all). In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, reading, dancing, singing, and I’m passionate about personal development.


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